The CINI Method

A Child Friendly Community (CFC) is a community (a rural village or an urban neighbourhood)where all children up to 18 years of age, irrespective of their socio-economic, cultural, gender, ability or other status, can fulfill their rights to survive and be healthy, develop to their full potential, be protected and cared for and participate in decision-making processes shaping their lives. In a CFC, children along with other duty bearers (local self-government, service providers and adult community groups) participate actively in achieving their rights to Education,Protection, Health and Nutrition(EPHN) – and take the responsibility that comes with such entitlements.  They are equal participants in the local governance system along with adult partners, who support them in achieving their goals. A child-centered process facilitates convergent action by different sectors in achieving the well-being of children. Within the framework of CFC, creation of safety net is the priority strategic focus, which enables the local level committees to take proactive role in protecting the rights of their children and giving them a safe environment.