Standing strong inspite of difficulties

Priyanka Das is associated with CINI’s intervention in Rambagan from  when she was in class II. Her father is a daily labour. Her mother works in a beauty parlour. They are extremely poor. To continue her studies, Priyanka teaches the children of KG at the CINI Learning Center and earns Rs.1500 per month. She studied Art in Oriental Seminar School and has secured 75.8%. She is also one of the most active members of the CINI Child Parliament that works against child marriages and child labour.

She is a very talented and out spoken girl. Her leadership in children’s group in Rambagn has enhanced child participation. Priyanka has a dream to be a journalist .She wants to fights against any kind of discrimination of a child.  She is also like to do painting and also has an interest in Computer. Department of parliamentary Affairs organized Youth Parliament Competition .Priyanka   participated in the debate competition and has awarded. She is also selected to compete in the District level.