The rag picker’s daughter!

Sagufta Parveen Final
Not every child gets a cradled childhood of comfort. Many are born in poverty with the only dream of successfully sourcing the next meal. But among them, are a handful of parents who strive to work hard and make the lives of their children a bit different. Slum dweller Sagufta Parveen’s parents had decided that no matter how much the hardship is, their daughter will go to school. Her father,Sk. Jamir Alam is a daily labourer and her mother works as a rag picker. With their small earnings, they ensured that Sagufta not only attends school but also dreams of a better future. Electricity cuts, days without food and many more hardships could not pose a hurdle , and little Sagufta emerged a winner! She cleared her 10th board exams with 50% marks.

Sagufta is one of many children that attends our learning center. Their parents (most of them uneducated) are unable to help them with their studies. CINI runs learning centers, where these children come and study. Apart from studies, we also mentor them to access their rights and voice their opinions.

It does not take much but only INR 4000 a year to Educate one such child. If Sagufta’s story motivates you, come forward and donate now!.