Nursing back to good health

Abir Ghosh was born on 10th March 2015 at 66 D.C. Dey Rd. He was born in a hospital and weighed 2.2 kg. His mother, Jhuma Ghose is 25-years-old, and a housewife. His father, Jayanta Ghosh, is 32-years-old. As a daily laborer, he is the only earning member of the family, earning Rs. 5000 per month. Since birth, Abir was underweight. At the age of 3 months his weight was only 2.3 kg. Then, Jhuma and Abir went to her native land for 6 months.

When a CINI facilitator met Abir after he returned, his weight was 4.5 kg (severely underweight), MUAC (10.5CM) SAM at the age of 9 months. It was found through counselling that the child did not receive supplementary food at the right age. He was mostly breastfed & received only biscuit paste with milk or water.

Our facilitator started to visit his home every week and counseled his mother about his poor nutritional status. He was requested to attend NCCS & consume nutrimix regularly. Jhuma was advised about the quantity of nutrimix to be fed every day. She was also advised about low cost, nutritious homemade foods.

Abir’s mother was motivated & attended NCCS for four rounds. Community facilitator gave her 4kg of nutrimix for 4 months. She attended mother meetings and tried to maintain hygiene at the household level.  Within the fourth month of intervention, during  the 18th day of follow up of  4th round of NCCS,  Abir’s  mother  found  that  her child  showed  improved  nutritional status. He had gained weight by 2.5 kg. Jhuma was very happy. Now, his weight is 7.2 kg (moderately underweight) & MUAC 13.5 cm (normal). Abir is still attending NCCS.