Ivana – the Positive Deviant

Case Study 2_Ivana

Ivana Parvin was continuously witnessing that her classmates were getting married one after another before they reach 18 years and hence they dropped out of schools. Moreover, many of her mates and community young people engaged themselves in agricultural field, brick field or other work – due to poor financial conditions. Ivana thought that she need to do something for this section of young people so that they would not end up as child labour or getting married. She was the daughter of a minority family in South Mamudpur village of the Mallickpur gram Panchayat, Falta. Her family consists of 4 members along with her parents and one sibling. While studying at 11th Standard, she joined as Collective member of CINI implemented and Hummingbird Foundation supported trafficking prevention endeavor. This paved her the way for what she wanted to do. She got the chance to be oriented on different social evils and was capacitated on the issues of protection, gender, patriarchy and adolescent reproductive and sexual health. Her collective group was working in close convergence with Village Level Child Protection Committee (VLCPC). In this way she prevented 5 early marriages. Not only had that, she also facilitated the admission process for 10 school dropped out students. Before the admission process she did the advocacy with the school head master. By knowing this story Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO) of Diamond Habour, Mr. Sukanta Saha has said that “child marriage is a malpractice in our society; it will be possible to overcome social disorder like child marriage and trafficking if girls like Ivana come forward”. Her inspiring story also got published in leading newspapers like Aajkal and EiSamay. Presently, Ivana is a student of Burul College. After returning from college she is giving free tuition to poor children. Her family members have played an important role for her inspiration. Ivana says “the sessions from CINI helped me a lot to think positive towards our society. They are helping to create my future path’’.