My name is Rahat Chotrani, and I am a student of Symbiosis Center for Media and Communication, Pune. I did my internship with CINI during my summer break in May-June 2016. My experience at CINI was an extremely enriching one. During my first week, I helped out with the case studies, and designing of a few posters.
After which, there was a summer camp being organised for the night shelter children. I was a part of organising the same, getting volunteers, deciding on the activities for the children etc. Then I was a part of drafting and packing the newsletters that were to be sent to our sponsors abroad.
I even visited the community centre and interacted with the children there, and learned a lot about the organisation. CINI has taught me how to value things in life, try and find happiness in the smallest of the things and being grateful for whatever one has.
My experience of working here has shaped me and moulded me into whom I am today. I would like to thank all the children and the staff at CINI who made my experience there so special.