To Ensure Education and Protection of Working Children by Establishing Recreational education centre (Utpreran Kendra) In approved districts of Jharkhand

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Division Unit :
Jharkhand State Unit, Education Resource Centre (ERC)
Coverage :
5 centre in Ranchi Urban Slum area (50 children in each centre )
Donor :
Jharkhand Education Project (Ranchi)
Start date :
End date :


  • To ensure primary level education for deprived urban children through play and joyful method
  • To provide nutritional support to each child in the centre.( for Utpreran Kendra but for DUC will be support only education & others recreational part
  • To ensure emotional and mental well being of each child
  • To provide an environment where these deprived children can enjoy their lost child hood without any time bondage
  • To enrich health and hygiene among  each child