Improving protection outcomes through civil society network for child rights (CSNCR)

protection | status : Active
Division Unit :
Jharkhand State Unit
Coverage :
50 villages of Kolebira and Jaldega Blocks of Simdega district, 50 villages of Latehar, Maneka and Mahuataand Blocks of Lateher districts.
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  •  To form, activate structures under ICPS at village, blocks and district levels  in two districts
  •  To advocate for implementation of state action plan for elimination of children labour and to strengthen monitoring structures primarily at district level in three districts
  • To initiate process of creation of community based preventive child protection models that are replicable
  • To build capacities of civil society organizations on child protection and establish a sub group with partners from all district to advocate on child protection issues.
  • To initiate community level linkages/referrals of identified vulnerable children and families including children affected by HIV/AIDS to alternative care and relevant government schemes.