Child Centered Community Development Intervention in Khunti

protection | status : Active
Division Unit :
Jharkhand State Unit, CWFC
Coverage :
20 Villages (11 Sponsored Villages and 9 Non Sponsored Villages) of 5 Panchayats, of Khunti Sadar Block, Khunti District and 885 sponsored children
Donor :
Plan International/India
Start date :
End date :


  • All children of age 6 to 14 yrs in schools getting quality elementary education
  • Children in age of 3 to 6 yrs are getting pre-school education and prepared for school
  • Minimized cases of child and maternal death.Reduced number of malnourished children
  • Protected and child friendly environment for all the children
  • Strengthening of children and youth to organize and express themselves as active citizens