Theatrical charity show ‘TIME’

July 18th, 2019 |

On Friday 31st of May 2019, a charity show called ‘TIME’ took place at the Theatre Cam ploy in Verona (Italy) to collect funds to sustain the projects of CINI India.

In this program, two tenors, a concert pianist, a cellist, a dance team, and two reciting voices performed for free to support the cause of CINI. The theme of all the performance was TIME. The show started with some pictures and videos of the participants who travelled from CINI Italy to India last time. Many from CINI Italy volunteered in the program. The Founder and Director of CINI, Dr. Samir Chaudhuri, the President of CINI Italy, Dr. Eliana Riggio Chaudhuri, and two colleagues of CINI India, Mr. Marine Mukherjee, and Ms.Sreeparna Ghosh Mukherjee were present in this programme.

The event was a success with the participation of about 150 people. Thanks to the ticket sales and the sales of Indian handmade pashminas, bags, and jewellery at the banquet set up by the volunteers at the entrance of the Theatre. The event was a great success.