Two days training on Life Skill Education and Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health

November 19th, 2019 |

On 22nd & 23rd July, CINI organised a residential training programme on Life Skill Education and Reproductive and Sexual Health at Hemtabad Panchayat of Uttar Dinajpur district. The Panchayat Pradhan, Upa Pradhan, Anwesha Counsellor, Dodhikotbari High Madrasa Head Master and ASHA were present in this programme.

The objective of the programme was to sensitise the adolescents on life skill education and reproductive and sexual health. Following the introduction session, some important discussion topics were – self-awareness, communication, social relationship & sympathy, empathy, decision making ability, coping with stress and emotion, upbringing and taking life responsibility, HIV, effects of addiction on adolescents’ lives etc. with life examples. Moreover, the necessary steps to be taken during these critical situations were also highlighted.

To impart a comprehensive knowledge about the physical structure of both boys and girls, an important exercise was undertaken. Both the boys and girls groups were asked to draw and present the body part, especially sexual and reproductive health organs of their opposite sex. This exercise enabled them to understand the changes takes part in opposite sex’s body parts with the start of adolescence. Last but not the least, an interactive session was also held for the adolescent girls to discuss their problems related to menstrual hygiene. This which was followed by a session regarding reproductive and sexual health & good touch and bad touch amongst all the adolescents.
This training ended with a cultural programme where the adolescent girls and boys performed.