Opening a Friendly Dialogue between the Police and Children from Streets and Slums of Kolkata

May 4th, 2020 |

3_Celebration of National Girl Child Day
Children from marginalized communities, especially those who belong to the streets or slums, are often misunderstood and perceived as delinquents or potential trouble-makers. It is generally found that the marginalized possess a negative perception about the police, which creates a barrier between the service delivery system of the police and the practice of accessing services. In order to form a positive bridge of relationship with the service providers, children’s groups from 10 wards of Kolkata hailing different communities – from slums, streets as well as the railway platforms were taken for friendly visits in each of their respective police stations, where they expressed their opinions and had conversations with the police. The aim of the visit was to create a practical experience among the children regarding the availability and accessibility of protection services they are entitled to from the police, and to open a doorway of smooth communication among the children and the police officials. As a consequence of developing an enabling environment the police officials would act as a support for the children, and the children will also be acting as a bridge between the community members and the stakeholders, attempting to create free communication between the same.