On the winters of 2014, I started off a small journey with Child in Need Institute, Kolkata as a part of my Social Responsibility Project. I was representing my college Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune. Honestly I had no clue as to what is to be done being a Communication student especially with a specialization in Audio Visual Communication. Then I came across my mentor at CINI who briefed me about the the Organization and into which specific areas do they cater. To my surprise I actually found out a horizon to explore after the briefing.

As an Audio Visual Student I got to work independently on three different short videos on their work. It was indeed a very enriching experience for me as the Internship was the first of its kind to me.

The entire phase of the Internship Programme brought me a different human perspective towards things which was very much unknown to me. Me and my team made a visit to Pailan where CINI organizes a clinic every Thursday. This clinic puts up a fight for malnourished children in the suburbs and also in the local villages around. Being an urban animal it remains difficult to understand or achieve the thoughts and struggles that people in the suburbs and in the local villages face day-in-day-out.

I would like to mention that the CINI team provided me with a constant support to work on the videos and monitored us and showed confidence to implement the videos that would support their cause. All in all CINI gave me a broader perspective towards myself and also towards people whom we fail to interact and communicate in our daily lives. It has been indeed a wholesome experience for me and I still savor it.