Adopt a Mother,Save her Child

₹500.00 – ₹15,000.00
You can contribute towards CINI’sAdopt a Mother and Save Her Child
programme by donating online using Credit Card/Debit Card through our secured payment gateway.

To read more about the programme,Click here

You can pay online with a credit cards/debit cards/net banking or choose bank transfer.

  • 15,000 Rupees Onetime
  • 5,000 Rupees per Year for 3 years
  • 1,500 Rupees per Quarter for 10 quarter
  • 500 Rupees per Month for 30 months

In the case of payment by installments, we recommend you to give provision to your bank for a regular transfer.

“Kindly avoid making a donation of less than Rs.100/- as the processing costs make it unviable for us.”