How to get involved?

How can I be involved?
May I do an internship at CINI?

CINI accepts internships / electives for students enrolled either in university or technical school. After a one-week orientation to CINI activities, interns are placed in specific projects for  a period of up to 4 to 6 weeks. For details, visit Visitors & Internships

Can I help CINI as a member of a business or corporate group?

Over more than past four decades, CINI has received support from many business and corporate houses committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes. If you wish to help, you can join colleagues from your sector.

Does CINI accept volunteers?

Volunteers who are willing to contribute to skill building the areas of data analysis, action research, proposal development and website management are welcome. It must be considered that language barriers may lead to communication problems with CINI personnel who may speak only Bengali or Hindi. For information, contact Moytre at .

Whom should I contact to arrange a visit to CINI?

Contact the CINI registered charity active in your own country at the contact address listed in Around the World, or contact CINI directly at

Child in Need Institute – CINI
37, Pottery Road, Kolkata – 700015, West Bengal, India
tel. 91 (33) 23292066/9073671990;
With prior notice, airport pickup, food and accommodation at CINI guest house in Kolkata can be arranged for individuals or groups.

Where will I get more information about CINI?

Visit CINI website, or the website of the CINI registered charity active in your country at Around the World.