Donations and Resources

How should I make a donation?
What are the donation options that I may consider?

Please go to to identify the project you wish to support.

Are contributions to CINI tax deductible?

All donations to CINI are eligible for Income Tax Exemption under section 80G of IT Act 1961

How does CINI accept foreign donations?

CINI receives foreign contributions through its FCRA account.

Can my stay be arranged by CINI?

You may be hosted at our guest house located at CINI main campus, which can be booked in advance of your visit. Payments can be made upon arrival.

May I visit CINI projects?

We welcome visitors to our projects. Visits are coordinated by our field staff to ensure respect for local communities. It may also be possible to visit our sponsorship projects, for which advance notice is required. Especially first time visitors are welcome every Thursday morning (except for public holidays) to CINI main campus by 10.00 a.m. to visit the Thursday Clinic and have an overview of activities. For further details, contact .

What reporting will I receive regarding the use of my donation?

Periodic reports with photos are sent for sponsorship programmes. Project reports are submitted periodically. Receipts and tax exemption certificates are provided as required.

May I view progress reports of the mother or the child I have sponsored on line?

When you support a mother or a child, you will be sent reports via email / post at regular intervals to keep you updated on their progress.

May I gift a sponsorship project to a friend?

You can make a special gift to a friend, a family member or a colleague by sponsoring a mother or a child on his or her behalf, on the occasion of a wedding, birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Diwali, Puja or Eid. CINI sponsorship programmes “Adopt a Mother” and “Educate a Child” provide regular reports that will keep your gift alive for many months.

May I send gifts to my sponsored mother or child?

We prefer to receive general donations instead of gifts addressed to specific individuals. Donations allow us to purchase gifts for all children residing in the community so that no one feels left out.

May I contribute to CINI Corpus Fund?

We appreciate donations to CINI Corpus Fund, as interests from the invested amounts help us to defray expenses toward salaries of core staff, fund pilot experimental projects and promote new fundraising initiatives.

May I contribute towards CINI’s Disaster Relief Fund?

CINI relies on an experienced Disaster Management Team, which provides immediate relief in case of disasters affecting vulnerable communities. We have extended our assistance on the occasion of the Bhuj earthquake, floods in Bihar and tsunami in Southern India. Special appeals are made through our website at times of need.

What are the main sources of CINI’s funding ?

CINI raises funds from the community it serves (10%), the state and central government against grants for projects (15%), its own fund raising efforts in India and internationally (10%), and national and international donors (65%).

How much of the money spent by CINI goes towards administrative costs?

The percentage varies from project to project, but it does not normally exceed 10% of the total budget.

Can we know more about CINI’s financial pattern?

Our income-expenditure sheet is published in our yearly Audit Report, available on the link

How credible and trustworthy is CINI?

Since its foundation in 1974, CINI has grown from a small local programme to the present national-level organisation serving around 7 million people in some of the poorest regions of India. Government of India has acknowledged CINI’s contribution by granting the prestigious National Award for Child Welfare twice, in 1985 and 2004. Other than that, CINI has also been a recipient of several other national and international awards.CINI is accredited to Credibility Alliance, which governs and monitors transparency and effectiveness of NGOs in India. CINI is also a member of the TISS National CSR Hub. Our Guidestar number is GSN 337.

Has CINI adopted workplace policies?