Murshidabad Field Unit

Location: Murshidabad Field Unit, 26/56 Sahid Surya Sen Road, P.O- Berhampore, Dist-Murshidabad, 742101, West Bengal, India


Year of establishment: 1999

Total no. of staff: 168

Area coverage: 20 Blocks and 220 Gram Panchayats of Murshidabad District

Population coverage: 5,400,000

Overall objectives: The aim of Murshidabad Field Unit is to serve women and children living in deprived communities of Murshidabad and neighbouring districts through effective monitoring of  social programmes and collaborating with main development partners, especially the government and the Panchayati Raj Institutions.

The strong relationship established with district authorities, government departments and communities has helped us mobilise a large number of women’s self-help groups and engage them in promoting local development. Participation by women and children in local governance processes stand at the core of our programming. We have also striven to foster the creation of a vibrant NGO forum to further promote visibility of women and children in district-level programme and financial planning.

Action research has been carried out with the district administration to orient programme and policy development.CINI Murshidabad is regarded as a resource agency for the district in the areas of child protection and education, by both institutional and community partners.

Name of person in charge: Jayanta Choudhury

Jayanta Choudhury holds a masters degree in social work . In his Unit, he is responsible for programme management, providing guidance to his team and maintaining linkages with the Panchayat and the government administration. He facilitates networking with civil society and grassroots organisations. He is overall responsible for financial monitoring and office administration.