About Us

CINI is an Indian non-government organisation (NGO), regarded as one of the most influential institutions working for poor children in India. Over more than four decades, we have been partnering with central and state government, national and international donors, non-government organisations and local communities to strengthen the capacity of deprived children and women to improve their health, nutrition, education and protection conditions. Distilling international and national experience, we seek to learn from the poor to improve our interventions in under-serviced rural and urban areas. We aim at strengthening local governance processes that give marginalised and poor communities a voice and influence national policy.We adopt a human rights-based approach in our programmes, fostering partnerships for local development among community actors, service providers and elected representatives.

Who we are :

CINI is a registered non-profit non-government organisation (NGO) registered under the Societies Registration Act in India. We work with over 1900 Indian professionals. We are guided by a Governing Body composed of experienced Indian practitioners, academics and administrators. Founded in 1974 by a pediatrician, Dr. Samir Chaudhuri, CINI is located in Kolkata (former Calcutta), West Bengal, India and runs operations in the states of West Bengal, Jharkhand and Odhisha , assisting about 7 million people. We have been recipient of prestigious awards and recognitions in India and around the world.

What we do :

CINI’s overarching aim is to enable poor people, women and children to take control of their lives and have a share in sustainable development. We are active in deprived communities, both in villages and low-income urban settlements. We seek to break the vicious cycle of poverty, malnutrition, ill-health, illiteracy, abuse and violence, affecting in particular children and women. Our initial focus on health and nutrition has grown further in the areas of education and child protection. Our method is to converge sectoral interventions at the level of the family and the community. We adopt a human rights-based approach in strengthening local governance actors, such as Rural Panchayat Institutions and Urban Local Bodies, service providers, such a health personnel and teachers, and adult and child community representatives, to use available resources and identify local solutions. Our programmes span project development and implementation, evaluation, network building, training and capacity development, to serve marginalised communities and contribute to government policy and programmes.

Who we work with :

CINI sees its role as a facilitator in fostering partnerships between people and government. We seek to achieve development and social justice by fostering alliances among key governance actors to increase access to quality basic services, fulfill fundamental rights and involve voiceless communities in decision-making processes. Building partnerships is core to our way of working with women and children. We partner with Government of India and state governments, UN and bilateral organisations, international and national donors, grassroots organisations and networks. In particular, we collaborate with community-based organisations, women’s self-help groups, local elected representatives, service providers, children and youth groups.

We seek to adapt international and national experience and knowledge to improve the capacity of local stakeholders. We learn from the poor and strive to improve their condition. We have fostered the formation of civil society networks and alliances in India and rely on a network of international support groups active in Australia, Holland, Italy, UK and USA.

CINI around the World

Fondazione CINI International was established in Italy in 2000. Its mandate is to promote the work of CINI in different regions of the world by encouraging the establishment of independently registered charities. CINI Australia, CINI Italia, CINI Holland, CINI Uganda, CINI UK and CINI USA work to make CINI known and raise funds in their own countries.