With you, Papiya could!

papiyawebsitepc“I got married at 14 and divorced after 11 months. Life had no meaning thereafter!!” –  Papiya Khatoon, 15 years.

Three children, a husband that rarely visited and a monthly income of less than Rs.4,500! With so many burdens on her, all that Papiya’s mother could think of was to get her daughters married off at the earliest opportunity. In spite of being brilliant in school, the same fate awaited Papiya. She was married off much too young and against her wishes. The trade-off was that she would be allowed to take her Madhyamik Exams before being shipped off to her new in-laws.

Destiny had other less-than-savoury plans. Within two months of her marriage, physical abuse, sexual harassment and mental degradation became a daily routine for her in her in-laws home. After many failed attempts to escape their clutches, she finally managed to return to home.

The chaos and problems created by her in-laws only made Papiya more determined. Around this time, we learned of her condition. CINI intervened and helped her file a restraining order against her husband to keep him away from creating any further trouble.

Now, with the help of CINI, Papiya regularly goes to school.Today, she is thriving in  9th Class.  What’s more, CINI is now training her to be a peer leader.

“I am eternally thankful to CINI for bringing me back to school. I wish that someday I can be a self-made, successful member of society”, Papiya concluded.