Walking steadily towards a better future

This is the story of Leena, a 7 year old girl suffering from orthopaedic problems, memory loss and speech disorder, who overcame many a hurdles in her young life.

A couple of years ago, before she had started coming to the CINI centre, Leena found it difficult to even hold things with the help of her fingers. Her mental capabilities were severely impaired and she would struggle to express herself in few words. But now she comes to the center, bathed and dressed in a bright frock. She is no more scared to face a group of strangers.

Leena has been under the tutelage of Sulata ( a CINI teacher) for slightly more than a year. Sulata’s persistence with Leena has paid off. Today Leena can not only pick up and hold the chalk but she can write, follow and answer questions, recite poems with confidence. When urged on by Sulata, Leena can now narrate the basic details. She stumbles at times, but she can not only introduce herself slowly and but also speak about school, her family and friends, her daily routine and hobbies.

We are sure that in the days to come, Leena would march ahead in a bright shining future!