The story of Riya

Riya, aged 14 years, just like any other of her age loved going to school. But then as fate would have it, she had to quit studies due to financial constraints. She remained at home mostly, helping her mother with domestic chores. She soon realized that her parents have not been treating her right, as they have been thinking the financial burden they have to incur due to her marriage. One day, Riya left home and boarded a train to Sealdah. On the train, she met a woman who helped her get a job at an advocate’s home. After one week, she was rescued by the police. Soon she was handed over to her parents. Riya had presumed that her parents would be happy to meet her. But then, they went on scolding her for days. She fled again and landed up in the same house. This time she was beaten up by the owner of the house. She was rescued again. This time, when she was produced before the child welfare court, she said that she had not got any beatings, rather she has been treated quiet well and has been receiving education. This created a miscommunication. After prolonged counseling session the Riya stated that she had been forced by owner to give a false statement. She did not want to go against anyone. She wanted a safe place where she could live and stand on her own feet. When contacted her father said, that he does not want her back. Thus, it was decided that Riya, would stay at a children’s home and pursue vocational training.