Saved from the clutches of trafficking

1Kiran Kujur is a 16 year old girl, who had gone to her relative’s house since two days. She also had a phone, which her father had bought for her. She was in contact with the trafficker, Md. Hasif, and regular spoke to him. He told her that she could go to Delhi and earn a lot of money. So on 4th August, 2015 Kiran left her relatives’ house, telling that she is going home. When her relatives contacted Kiran’s parents she had not  reached her home. Her parents were tensed and then went around looking for her, and one of her friend in the locality informed that Kiran was seen with a lady. Then her parents were sure that she was trafficked, and went straight off to the SSB. Previously, CINI had rescued 2 children and had sent the trafficker behind the bars in Malbazar, so the SSB knew about the CINI outreach workers. So the SSB contacted the CINI  outreach worker on 6th of August 2015.

The outreach worker rushed to NJP railway station at around 8.30 pm. The SSB informed him that one teenage girl was travelling with a middle aged woman, and it was expected to be a trafficking case. The outreach worker went around looking for a lady and a girl, and then the worker saw a group of people sitting outside the counter. There was a lady, two girl, and two men.

They seemed very suspicious, and then the worker went and inquired about where are they from, and where were they going. The people reacted in a very suspicious way. They were very hyper, and they yelled on top of their voice. This reaction made them more suspicious. He kept observing them. As soon as there was an announcement about the “Brahmaputra Mail” heading to Delhi from platform 3, the group left towards that direction.

When the CINI collegue reached platform number 3, he saw the same set of people but Md. Hasif was missing from the group heading towards the train.  This made him sure about the fact that they are the traffickers. Then the worker rushed to the RPF room, and  asked them to help him trace these traffickers.

The CINI colleague along with the constable went and talked with them, and inquired. The girl in around her 16 said that she is going to Nagarkatta. But the train was going to Delhi. The women accompanying the girls told that they were travelling to Delhi. The other girl in the group was supposedly lost and the woman was thus taking this girl along with her. The second girl’s name is  Sabita Oraon. The woman claimed that she is going to meet her husband, so she is taking Sabita Oraon along with her.

Then the RPF took them to the GRPF room at around 10 pm. And one of the traffickers named Sushil Lohar escaped and ran away. Then the CINI colleague summoned the SSB. The SSB along with Kiran Kujur’s father, aunty, relatives, and one NGO member had come there (total 8 people). But Kiran was not handed over as the parents were not carrying any documents.

Meanwhile, the CINI colleague along with others started looking out for Sushil Lohar. They found him hiding in some corner of the station by 2 am, and then the SSB took the man to the Malbazar Thana. And on the way to Malbazar Thana they questioned Lohar and he gave the name of 4 more traffickers and also said that one more trafficker named Md. Hasif has also escaped and according to him he is the master mind. Then he also stated that he was only supposed to take the girls to Delhi, and he would get paid Rs. 2000 per girl. And then he does not have any more information.

Kiran Kujur was also handed over to her family by 5.30 am, as they provided the documents to prove their relationship with the girl.

Sabita Oraon who was also being trafficked  did not talk much and was also not cooperative, and only said that her house is in Banarhatt. So she was handed over to the Child Welfare Committee.

The lady trafficker named Sabita Munda was provided to Jalpaiguri Court by the GRPF, and the sent to Jalpaiguri jail.

The trafficker named Md. Hasif was also caught and now three traffickers are in the Jalpaiguri jail.

They were also able to trace the address where these trafficked girls would have been taken to in Delhi.

The SSB thanked and then appreciated the efforts of CINI and the highly appreciated the dedication of the staff members of the organization, and in fact they also handed over the appreciation letter to the CINI .