Nothing could stop this young mind

Ujjal, like any 19 year old has dreams and aspirations. He wants to be a film maker who through his cinematic reel wants to help this world be a better place. However, unlike most carefree 19 year olds, Ujjal’s circumstances are far from ideal. After losing his family’s anchor, his father, in an accident, his mother took it upon herself to be the bread winner. Unfortunately, she too lost her eyesight due to the immense work pressure she was put under at a sewing workshop. Helpless, with two young mouths to feed, she took to begging at Sealdah Station. It was at this station that Ujjal’s family was identified by a CINI outreach worker, who referred Ujjal to the CINI Drop in Centre. His sister was referred to another NGO where she is pursuing her training in nursing and their mother was placed in the care of a mental health facility due to her fragile psychological condition. CINI, sponsored and supported Ujjal from 2000, and got him admitted at a boarding school. All he needed, like any child, was the right guidance and encouragement, and he worked hard to secure a 1st division in his Madhyamik examination. 2013 saw this diligent and soft-spoken young boy complete his higher secondary. Presently he is a Childline volunteer with CINI. He is also pursuing his graduation studies in mass communication.


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