Bringing them back home!

Sushma (aged 17) and Rajani (aged 19) were from the same village of Bashbari T.E., Malbazar, and had left home for Delhi. Rajani, alone, returned after 9 months. Mili, who is Sushma’s sister-in-law asked Rajani about the later’s whereabouts.   Rajani had no information, but she told Mili about a lady called Sushila Lakra and provided a contact number. When  Mili called Sushila, about Sushma’s whereabouts, she was told that Sushila no longer took in girls, and provided the contact of Pradip from Delhi who received the girls in Delhi.

Mili called Pradip pretending to look for work. He said that if she could find 2-3 more girls, he would come and take them to Delhi. Thereafter,  Mili spoke to the SSB 46 Battalion Malbazar who requested CINI for help. A plan was formulated along with CINI and the SSB. According to the plan, Mili called Pradip and confirmed that she had 2 more girls who were willing to go to Delhi, and requested him to come to Siliguri and fetch them. Pradip agreed and told her that he would arrive with another person on 6th May, and asked them to come to the NJP station.

On 6th May, Pradip and his friend came to NJP. Mili called them and told them to come to Siliguri Junction instead of NJP, and said she was waiting there with 3 girls in a hotel near the Junction area. She had also brought Rajani Kerketta to identify the perpetrator. The CINI staff had already informed people in the area about what was going to happen so that everyone stayed alert. As planned, the two people arrived, met Mili and handed her the money after seeing the 3 girls with her. Immediately, all the people who were waiting came and caught the perpetrators. The police came and arrested them.

During police interrogation, it was found that the two persons arrested were Binod Horo and Raj Sharma. It came to light that Pradip had come to Siliguri but had not come in front. Instead, he had sent these two people. Mili and Rajani together filed an FIR against Binod Hora. Rajani Kerketta also confirmed the entire racket, and put charges of sexual assault on the person.

Mili and Rajani were taken to court, and Rajani was taken for her 164 statement before the magistrate by CINI staff. The following day,  Sushma called Mili and Rajani and told them that what they had done was wrong. Immediately after her call, Pradip called Mili to tell her that Sushma was with a person named Kalam in Delhi and gave her a contact number. In return, he asked for the release of his friend Binod Horo. The CINI staff updated the police, and currently an investigation is ongoing.

Binod Horo’s wife, Lalita Horo, decided to bring back Sushman from Delhi so that she could bail out her husband. She went to Delhi and then brought back Sushma . Presently  the case has been taken up by the Siliguri Police Station.