Educate a Child

education | status : Active
Division Unit :
CINI Kolkata Unit
Coverage :
900 children from Ward 57,58,59,64,66 in Kolkata
Donor :
Individual Sponsorship

The ‘Educate a Child’ programme concentrates on children aged from 5 to 16 years in deprived urban areas. It focuses on getting children into education and keeping them there.

Street children, children without parents, children of sex workers and children from the slums need to have an environment conducive to learning. The money donated will be used for school fees, uniforms and educational materials. The project  has a total duration of two years, at the end of which the child continues to be followed by operators of CINI.

After a preparatory path for nine months, children are enrolled at school and helped in the difficult process of integration. The support of CINI also provides extracurricular activities, which stimulate the creativity and camaraderie of children through games and dance workshop, yoga, painting, theater and sports.

You can pay online with a credit cards/debit cards/net banking or choose bank transfer.

  • 8000 Rupees Onetime
  • 4000 Rupees per Year for 2 years
  • 1000 Rupees per Quarter for 8 quarter
  • 350 Rupees per Month for 24 months

In the case of payment by installments, we recommend you to give provision to your bank for a regular transfer.

Donors have also the possibility to visit the headquarters of CINI in and see so with his own eyes the programs implemented by the organization in support of the local community.

Reports the donor receives over 2 years:

  • First, some background information about the child;
  • A drawing by the child after 1 year;
  • A report at the end of the programme.

Donation:Educate a Child