ANKUR – A Drop in Centre

Division Unit :
Murshidabad Field Unit
Coverage :
Azimganj Junction Railway station
Donor :
CINI UK, Friends of CINI, Scotland
Start date :
August 2005
End date :
September 2008

Major Achievement: –
• A total number of forty-four (44) children groups have been formed and functioning. Out of them there are 5 mixed group where Boys and Girls sit and play together.
• There are 12 Child Friendly Club in these project Areas.

The major achievements during the project  Period are:
• Forty two children have been mainstreamed from ‘Ankur’ drop in centre.
• At present the centre’s strength is 134 children and it provides educational support or coaching support them and nutritional support as well.
• Noticeable guardians’ participation has been observed while mainstreaming the children.
• The project got help from the GRPF (Government Railway Police Force), Station Manager and SSM (Sarvo Siksha Mission).