Adopt a Mother and Save her Child

The Adopt a Mother and Save her Child project concentrates on nine months of pregnancy and the first two years of a child’s life, during which time, proper nutrition is particularly critical. CINI believes that the most effective way to give a child, born into a poor family, the best possible start in life, is through its mother; nobody is going to take better care of her unborn child or her infant, but she needs to be given the right support. Your donation can help provide that support in the form of nutritional advice, ante and post-natal care, and improved access to government facilities like hospitals for institutional deliveries and child vaccination programmes. These are all crucial factors in ensuring a safe pregnancy and delivery for the mother and a healthy start in life for her child.

You will be linked to a mother and her baby in a rural or urban area and will be able to follow their progress through a series of four reports until the child is 2 years old: first, some background information about the mother; then a report after the birth of her baby together with a photograph; the third update would be the photograph of the child at one year of age; and finally, a report at the end of the programme. After this, you will be linked to a new mother or you can continue on to the Educate a Child programme.

In fact, you will be doing much more than supporting an individual mother and child. The way CINI uses the money raised by the Adopt a Mother initiative is to create a support network within a community. CINI reaches out to women through a wide range of educational programmes and healthcare initiatives. It sends CINI trained health workers to make door to door health visits and give talks in their districts. This means that in addition to monitoring the mother and child you support, a health worker will also be able to visit a number of other pregnant women and newborn children at the same time. Often, a whole village will come to listen to the health worker’s advice. This innovative approach allows you to connect with an individual mother and child while touching the lives of many others.

You can pay online with a credit cards/debit cards/net banking or choose bank transfer.

  • 15,000 Rupees Onetime
  • 5000 Rupees per year for 3 years
  • 1250 Rupees per quarter for 12 quarter
  • 500 Rupees per Month for 30 months

In the case of payment by installments, we recommend you to give provision to your bank for a regular transfer.

Donors have also the possibility to visit the headquarters of CINI and see the programs implemented by the organization in support of the local community.

Reports the donor receives over 33 months:

  • First, some background information about the mother and the family situation;
  • Second, the information about the newborn and the condition of the mother along with a photograph of the mother and the newborn.
  • A photograph of the child along with the mother at the age of 1 year
  • A final report with information about the progress of the child from nutritional point of view.

Donation:Adopt a Mother and Save Her Child