CINI Celebrating Pregnancy along with Breaking the Myths & Misconception during Pregnancy

January 18th, 2019 |

Under the project, ‘Care of Under and Un-served Women and Children of Urban Slums of Kolkata and Siliguri Cities during first 1000 days of life’ supported by Oracle, CINI celebrated pregnancy with 58 pregnant women of the community.

One of the goals of the project is reducing maternal and infant mortality. In doing so, the numerous pregnancy related misconceptions among the community women are being taken care of. In order to address these issues “Matritwa Ahoban” program was organised. The program was inaugurated by pregnant women themselves. The tone of the event was set by one of the community facilitator who recited a poem on motherhood and talked about the importance of care of pregnant mother.The participants from all the four Wards of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (56, 58, 65, and 66) participated enthusiastically.The program also discussed about the importance of nutritious diet during pregnancy period and our CINI nutritionist even shared alternative options which the pregnant women can opt for. A video which was shown, mainly addressed the importance of the quality and the quantity of the food, importance of micro nutrients, importance of rest and care during pregnancy, care of new born child, drawback of early marriage and early pregnancy.