Initiating a Public Dialogue on Nutrition: Celebrating National Nutrition Week 2018

October 29th, 2018 |

ICDS Sepuervisor during Annaprasan Ceremony

Under the project ‘Care of Under and Un-served Women and Children of Urban Slums of Kolkata and Siliguri Cities during first 1000 days of life’ supported by Oracle, CINI collaboratively celebrated the National Nutrition Week along with Health and Nutrition department of Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

The program was inaugurated by honorable guest Dr. Subhendu Seal- Health Executive of Borough VII. He set the tone of the workshop by sharing with the esteemed audience the importance of nutritious diet. He also talked about the related programs of the government and shared that the benefit should reach to the entire community. He also talked about benefits of the schemes like ICDS and MID DAY MEAL.

In order to reach the goals of reducing maternal and infant mortality under this project we are prioritizing the pregnancy period. The program went ahead with the celebration of pregnancy, where 20 pregnant women was oriented on different health and nutrition issues. The women with limited gain in weight during this period were also given further nutritional diet advice. Finally the pregnant women were handed with a nutritious food basket.

Another aim of the project is to eradicate malnourished children in the area. Hence, on this special occasion ANNAPRASHAN was celebrated for the children who completed 6 months.

Along with these, various events were organized to mobilize community and enhance their knowledge about nutritious food intake.

  • Demonstration of Nutritious Raw Food materials
  • Demonstration of Nutritious Cooked Food
  • Demonstration of Preparation of ORS
  • Healthy Food preparation competition among community mothers
  • Video show

 The different activities and events added a unique value to the whole program. The participants from all four wards of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (56, 58, 65, and 66) participated enthusiastically. The events were very much informative not only theoretically but also practically. All the aspects of nutrition had been addressed efficiently under one umbrella. Thus the program created a convergent platform between Govt. Health and Nutrition Department.