Frequently asked question about Penis size and Foreskin

January 11th, 2019 |

Penis size: There is no standard size of the penis. An erect penis may measure from 5” to 7” in length. Even if the penis is smaller than the size mentioned, it will still not hamper the sexual life of the person. Smaller the penis when flaccid, it will attain greater length when erect. So comparing the flaccid penis is not the correct method for measurement. The length of the vagina is just 6”. Only the outer 2/3 portions are sensitive. So to give pleasure and experiencing the same can be attained with a much smaller penis.

All penis are normal if they perform all the functions mentioned below:

  • If he gets an erection
  • If he can masturbate without any pain
  • If he can ejaculate
  • If he does not have any problem in urinating.

Foreskin: A loose skin covers the glens area of the penis, which is called the foreskin. In some men this is attached to the rim of the glens. This might hinder in sexual intercourse/ masturbation. That is why the foreskin is removed and this is called circumcision or phymosis.

  • Men who have the foreskin will have to pull it towards themselves before putting on a condom or before penetration.
  • They should also pull it towards themselves and clean beneath it to prevent any kind of infection or accumulation of dirt.
  • No difference in experiencing sexual pleasure (men with or without foreskin).