Engage the adolescents in the perspective of livelihood

October 29th, 2018 |

An innovative initiative has been started with all sansad wise adolescents group under the jurisdiction of Chainagar GP. Livelihood issue is a challenging crisis among all the adolescents group of the Chainagar GP. So, 18 to 19 years old adolescents and the parents of below 18 years’ old adolescents have been attached with the Social Security Scheme.

  • 92 adolescents (above 18 yrs.) and 12 parents name has been registered.
  • The programme has been facilitated by the Asst. labour commissioner and his team

The Government of West Bengal has launched a number of Social Security Schemes for the workers of the unorganised sector aimed at providing these workers with a degree of income security when faced with the contingencies of old age, survivorship, incapacity, disability, bringing up of children, gender disparity, curative or preventive medical care and empowerment. Adolescents and their parents have been registered for the following schemes according to their requirements.

  1.  State Assisted Scheme of Provident Fund for Unorganized Workers, (SASPFUW)
  2.  West Bengal Unorganised Sector Workers’ Health Security Scheme, (WBUSWHSS)
  3.  Social Security Scheme for Construction Workers, (BOCWA)
  4.  West Bengal Transport Workers Social Security Scheme, (WBTWSSS)
  5. West Bengal Bidi Workers’ Welfare Scheme, (WBBWWS)


Independence Day Celebration

15th August programme

The National Independence Day Celebration has been observed at Uttar Dinajpur through an awareness programme in collaboration with the Kalpatoru Nursery School at the playground of the said School at Raiganj. The programme has been inaugurated by the Head of the Institution through flag hoisting. All the honourable guests have given the stress to address the children in their speech mainly to enjoy the Children Rights. The team member of the CHILDLINE programme stressed on the vulnerable position of the children in his speech. All the students in this programme were very enthusiastic.The objective of the said event has been fulfilled by the restoration of the right of children participation.

Awareness Programme of the civic volunteers

Civic awareness

The sensitization programme on child protection & child rights through the team of CHILDLINE has been incorporated in the schedule of 4 days training programme of civic volunteers. Eight police stations & 1200 civic volunteers have been covered through this sensitization programme. The session has covered not only the issues of child protection but also all relevant laws & legislation related with child protection. Some relevant case studies has also been shared in this programme.

An initiative to form the Kanyashree Club

Kanyashree of West Bengal has made a unique identity in the world.  In continuation of this programme, Kanyashree Club formation at Bharatpur High School under the jurisdiction of Uttar Dinajpur District is an advance step taking the support from the said school and CINI, Uttar Dinajpur unit.

The Kanyashree Club has formed a significant leadership committee which was elected democratically by the students of class IX,X,XI & XII. They have also taken the head of the institution & Kanyashree Nodal in the committee. Members of the committee have made some slogans, paintings and posters focusing on the education, health, nutrition & protection issues in the perspective of right based approach. They have prepared some paintings & slogans against the child marriage, child abuse and child labour also. The school authority has selected a class room for Kanyashree Club meeting.

A brochure mentioning the progress of Kanyashree Programme at Hemtabad Block has been inaugurated by the Block Development Officer of Hemtabad Block on Kanyashree Diwas, 14th August, 2018. Uttar Dinajpur unit of CINI has facilitated for the preparation of the said brochure.