Editorial by Dr. Samir Chaudhuri

January 16th, 2017 |

The Nepal earthquake which struck on 25th April 2015 had an intensity of 7.8 on the Richter scale and its reverberations were even felt in West Bengal. CINI responded by sending a relief team from CINI North Bengal Unit based in Siliguri by road and was one of the first such teams to arrive in Kathmandu with a truck load of supplies. Contact was established with Child Workers in Nepal (CWIN) a NGO with whom CINI had been in close contact on cross border trafficking issues. The CINI team worked in close collaboration and guidance of CWIN team to distribute relief supplies to affected families in Sindhu Pal Chowk district, one of the worst affected regions. Few more truck loads of supplies followed the first one during the first two weeks of the earthquake, supplies being distributed uninterrupted even when strong aftershocks continued. A very heartwarming response came immediately from the citizens of Kolkata, friends and well wishers of CINI and CINI Staff who contributed a day’s salary for the calamity. We express our gratitude to all those who contributed and also to the people of Nepal who allowed us to serve them.