With you, she can!


Just a colourful butterfly emerges from the confines of a chrysalis, CINI’s Peer Leader programme supports girls to overcome challenges that might otherwise prevent them from fully developing their potential. Help girls like Santwana and Papiya break free and take flight.

In honour of International Women's Day on March 8, we have the goal of training 2,016 GIRL Peer Leaders — a program that builds life skills and leadership in young women who are otherwise in a vicious cycle of being made to stop their education, and forced into child labour, early marriage and sex trafficking.

With you, she can! It would just take Rs.100 to train one girl.

  • Empower 1 girl for Rs.100
  • Empower 5 girls for Rs.500
  • Empower 8 girls for Rs.800
  • Empower 10 girls for Rs.1000
  • Empower 15 girls for Rs.1500
  • Empower 20 girls for Rs.2000
  • Empower 30 girls for Rs.3000
  • Empower 50 girls for Rs.5000

The donor will be linked to the peer leaders in a rural or urban school and will be able to follow the progress through the reports for the next one year. The donor would also be able to meet and connect with the girls. Help us reach 2016 girls in 2016.

Price: Rs. 100.00