Creating a Community Based Safety Net for Deprived Children through Education and Protection in Uttar Dinajpur district of West Bengal

Objectives: To ensure elementary education along with ICT based learning inputs to out of school girls and boys between 6 to 14 years in the selected villages of Goalpokhor – I block

Learning Center supported by McNally Bharat Engineering Co Limited

Objectives:To retain the urban poor deprived children into education.

Learning Center supported by Tractor India Ltd.

Objectives: To provide coaching support to 25 children and ensure the basic right to education for all children of age group 7 - 16 yrs

Creating Education Provision for Deaf Children in the age group of 5 to 14 years

Objectives:To enrol deaf children in schools and to work with their parents and teachers for their development.

Towards an integrated development of children with hearing disabilities

Objectives:To facilitate an integrated development of children and young people with disabilities in the areas of education , protection and health

Educating & Protecting Rights of Rural & Urban Deprived Children in West Bengal

Objectives: To capacitate project team and stake holdres on issues of education and child problems , to ensure rights of vulnerable children specially child labour and trafficking

Ensuring Rights of Out- of- School Girls through Education and Child Protection in South 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India

Objectives:To ensure elementary education of the selected 800 out of school girls between 6-14 yrs.

Lets go to school (School e chalo)

Objectives: To encourage parents and other family members to support their children for their physical and psychological development,to ensure children's enrolment on ICDS at a

National Child Labour Project

Objective:Creating access to formal education for the vulnerable ,most deprived children and child labourers

Creating Educational Opportunities

Objective: This project aims to to create educational opportunities  for urban deprived girls in Kolkata.

Educate a Child

Educate a Child

The Educate a Child programme concentrates on children aged from 5 to 16 years in deprived urban areas. It focuses on getting children into education and keeping them there.

Shikshalaya Prakalpa and mid-day meal

The objectives of this project is to  provide education to children in the age group of 5-9 years as per government school curriculum, to mainstream the children into formal schools, to ensure

Stronger Voice to Excluded Children in Government & NGO Policies and Programmes

The overall objectives of the project is to ensure that all children of these areas goes to school and to mainstream children who are engaged in “Beedi” (Indian cigeratte) making.

Providing backup support to urban disadvantaged, vulnerable children to retain them in formal school through coaching centre

The objective of the program is to retain first generation learners aged 7 – 16 years in formal school system, To establish a strong school–community linkage, to enhance the competency

Creating educational opportunities for Street Children in Kolkata

The project objective is to sensitise 12 schools of Kolkata in providing education to street children by,  to provide training to 5,000 children of mainstream schools of Kolkata to support and

Getting child labourers, especially children working in hazardous industries, into full time education

The objectives of this project is to directly help 75 children on the eastern fringes of Kolkata who have never attended school, or dropped out at a very early age, into full time education and to

HARMONY - Building linkages to ensure education to urban disadvantaged children

The project objectives is to ensure elementary education (mainstreaming and retention) for out of school urban disadvantaged children in the age group of 9-14 years directly, to facilitate differen

Towards eliminating child labour in Calcutta

The objective of the project is to wean away children from work into schools in selected area of Calcutta city, in order to contribute towards making the area Child Labour free, To prevent further

Children’s Right to Education and Protection

Objective: Government and civil society collaborate on the implementation of best practice models for marginalized children to access education and protection.

Sarva Shiksha Mission

Sarva Shiksha Mission is supporting the coaching centers in the Kulipara slum, one of our intervention area in Siliguri.

National Child Labour Project

CINI North Bengal was given the responsibility of initiating special schools in three areas namely Birpara, Myanaguri and Garobasti of

Children Living in Red Light Districts

This project was born out of a survey in red light areas that revealed an overwhelming social exclusion of sex worker’s children added with the risk of these children becoming second-generati