Creating a Community Based Safety Net for Deprived Children through Education and Protection in Uttar Dinajpur district of West Bengal

Objectives: To ensure elementary education along with ICT based learning inputs to out of school girls and boys between 6 to 14 years in the selected villages of Goalpokhor – I block

Urban Shelter for Homeless

Objectives:To give shelter to street dewelling vulnerable Mothers and girls for their protection.

Learning Center supported by Tractor India Ltd.

Objectives: To provide coaching support to 25 children and ensure the basic right to education for all children of age group 7 - 16 yrs

Creating Education Provision for Deaf Children in the age group of 5 to 14 years

Objectives:To enrol deaf children in schools and to work with their parents and teachers for their development.

Towards an integrated development of children with hearing disabilities

Objectives:To facilitate an integrated development of children and young people with disabilities in the areas of education , protection and health

Educating & Protecting Rights of Rural & Urban Deprived Children in West Bengal

Objectives: To capacitate project team and stake holdres on issues of education and child problems , to ensure rights of vulnerable children specially child labour and trafficking

Ensuring Rights of Out- of- School Girls through Education and Child Protection in South 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India

Objectives:To ensure elementary education of the selected 800 out of school girls between 6-14 yrs.

Lets go to school (School e chalo)

Objectives: To encourage parents and other family members to support their children for their physical and psychological development,to ensure children's enrolment on ICDS at a

National Child Labour Project

Objective:Creating access to formal education for the vulnerable ,most deprived children and child labourers

Creating Educational Opportunities

Objective: This project aims to to create educational opportunities  for urban deprived girls in Kolkata.

Management of Source Migrant

Objective: Prevention of HIV among migrants at source districts.

Indian Initiative of Child Centered HIV/ AIDS Approach (IICCHAA)

Objective:Ensure psycho- social well being of children affected and infected with HIV-AIDS.

Targeted Intervention among FSWs in red light areas

Objective: Prevention of HIV among brothel based sex workers of three red light areas

Link Worker Scheme - WB (LWS - WB)

Objective: To map, identify and reach rural high risk group and other groups of vulnerable for HIV-AIDS

Empowering Adolescent Girls for Better Maternal & Child Health Outcomes

Objective: The aim is to improve reproductive and child health status in selected areas of West Bengal through adolescent and women leaders.